We have to vote on shirts.  You can vote once, and it's an honesty system.  Okay, kind of honesty.  Look at the shirts below, note which front and which back you prefer.  You will select your first and second favorite.  You will also be given the opportunity to make a comment (if you like part of one, part of another, etc.).  Finally, you will be asked to enter your full name, that's how I'm going to count the votes.  Also, in fairness, only people that come at least once a week can vote.  Folks who claim they are on robotics, but don't do anything, don't get to choose.

Shirts are listed in alphabetical order of file name, no preference intended.  Note what you like, what you don't.  After looking, click here to fill out your voting form.  The form should open in a new window so you can go back and forth if necessary.

Here we go:

Front A

Front B

Front C 

Front D 

Front E

Front F 

Front G

Front H 

Back A

Back B 

Back C

We will include all sponsor logos on
the back:

am I forgetting one?