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Week of Jan. 12-17

posted Jan 11, 2015, 3:26 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Jan 11, 2015, 3:27 AM ]
A great first week!  A lot of strong collaboration with NGHS, some excellent thinking, and awesome participation by all.  Our leaders are stepping up, and new people are jumping in with courage!

This week's tentative schedule:
  • Monday (Mrs. Janelle Wilson supervising)  
    • Finalize base design, order parts to build it.  
    • T-shirt designs
    • Scouting ideas
    • Programming - have a hardware setup, and see what type of sensors we already have
    • List of tools and lumber complete
    • Webmasters: work on THIS site, and communication plan
    • Heads up: we'll need to clean our backup inventory room Tuesday, the County inspection is next week
  • Tuesday (Reilly supervising)
    • Clean up VEX kits and inventory room
    • Discuss tower specifics 
    • Programming team continue on
    • Scouting team
    • If time allows, review of how to use Inventor for assemblies and downloading parts, constraining them together
  • Wednesday (not sure which teacher is supervising)
    • the rest of the week will be determined by the beginning of the week
    • ideally, we will have base done, and parts cut by the end of the week for assembly
  • Thursday (Reilly)
  • Friday (Wilson)
  • Saturday
    • At Lanier, 11-5 (bring your own lunch or eat before, save money for the team!)