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Week 1

posted Jan 5, 2014, 4:01 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Jan 7, 2014, 2:59 AM ]
We're underway!  It was a great brainstorming, strategy, design session.  Continue to read the game rules and understand it well, so we can play our best!  (There's a rumor that the game will change for championships...)

Where we stand:
- Students have been asked to sketch out design ideas based on our discussion.  This is usually where someone finds a rule or exception that makes us rethink part or all of the design!  Bring your sketches Tuesday!

- Check out the Resources page, watch videos from and to see what they are building!

- Reilly will be around Monday, if students want to come in and work.

- Our meetings this week:  
  • Tuesday 2:15-5pm - NO MEETING, SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Wednesday 2:15-6pm
  • Thursday 2:15-5pm
  • NO meeting Friday 1/10 nor next Monday 1/13
  • You do NOT have to attend every day, every meeting, but I will be there to support those who do.
  • Goals for the week: 
    • get design going, the real thing, to the actual parts.  Mr. Wilson will critique and guide our ideas (mostly virtually but some in person)
    • inventory for building field elements, acquire lumber and build them
    • finish kitbot for programmers to use.  We already have tasks for controlling pneumatics, vacuum, tracking, driving, shooter elevation
    • continue to research refinement, improvement (like this for a "catcher"
    • clean, inventory (this saves us huge $$$$)
- Next week, 1/13-1/17:
  • No meeting 1/13
  • Tuesday 2:15-5pm (Reilly needs to get a sub teacher for this day, or it might not happen due to a County meeting)
  • Wednesday 2:15-6pm
  • Thursday 2:15-5pm
  • Friday 2:15-5pm
  • Goals for the week:  massive progress on design, prototype components like sucker, etc. (prototypes help identify potential problems, etc.),