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Kickoff 2015!

posted Dec 13, 2014, 6:18 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Dec 20, 2014, 4:05 AM ]
Jan. 3, it's kickoff time!

Our plan:
Anyone is welcome to attend the Georgia Tech kickoff, but I will be able to bring 3 people in my car, in addition to me.  Others can drive themselves, or come with parents to GaTech.  Here's the info on the event:

Students who attend need to be registered and verified on the Student Team Information System with FIRST.  Here's the link for that.

Students who attend, particularly those that go with me, you also need to fill out a GaTech release form, found on this page:

If you need a ride down with me, you must be registered on the FIRST site, bring a signed Georgia Tech form, and email me ASAP!  Don't email me if you haven't completed FIRST signup (you register, your parents need to confirm online).  

I'd like to get there by 9, and get seats almost right away.  The place gets packed.  We can get our kit after the speeches, usually around 12.  

They have sent email warnings a few times that they anticipate overflowing into a cafeteria area nearby.  I would hate to have someone to drive all the way down to only watch the webcast on a TV.  NGHS will be viewing the webcast together at NGHS, so if you don't want to make the drive, go to North for it by 10:30.

To hang out at NGHS, just go to the front door of the school (flagpole), and go up to the third floor.  Should be signs.  

After getting the kit of parts, we head back towards school.  This year, to help NGHS restart 1771, we will go to their place! I hope to officially start at NGHS by 2 at the latest, maybe 1:30.  

The goals of the afternoon:
  • Check the kit of parts inventory, verify we have everything.
  • Read the rules of the game, study the field dimensions, robot restrictions, start to consider how the game will be played.
  • Discuss how the top teams organize themselves, and have people take lead positions.  Also review common timelines of the "build season".
  • Only when we truly understand the dynamics of the game should be talk about a robot design.
Wrap up at 5, dream about robots.  All students should go home and learn even more about the game, the field, the rules.  As you have ideas, sketch them up!  We will reconvene Monday, probably at separate schools, but I'm hoping we will communicate regularly with NGHS.   Any students are invited to come to Lanier on Monday, which is a teacher work day.