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FIRST Robotics Events, Timeline

posted Dec 7, 2013, 3:09 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Dec 7, 2013, 3:09 AM ]
30 days until kickoff!!!!  Here's what's scheduled:

  1. Students, register as a team member!!!  Go the Home page of this site, click on the huge link at the top.

  2. Wednesday, Dec. 11, we have our final team meeting before Kickoff, Room 400, 2:30pm  PLEASE try to attend.  
    • Discuss Jan. 4
    • Discuss Build Timeline
    • Present Team Communications Director, Leader of Software, Hardware Lead, Design Lead, talk about others
    • !!!! During break, someone should download the encrypted files from FIRST !!!!

  3. January 4th is Kickoff.  I am the only driver so far, but others can go.  We will have a group go down to get the kit of parts.  For those not going, here's a link to the NASA broadcast of the event, at 12 noon.  Those who are going, we will get to GaTech around 9.  Here are the details of that event:

  4. From 2pm-6pm on Kickoff Day, we will gather in Room 400 to re-watch the video, READ a lot of rules, start to brainstorm based on rules.  ANYONE is invited, welcome to come.  Focus of a winning team:  GET items quickly, DEPLOY/SCORE items quickly.

  5. Sunday, go home and continue to brainstorm, review, etc.  We will then meet every day in 400 for discussion.

  6. Prototyping will begin Tuesday, Jan. 14, so we can finalize decisions by Jan. 17.  Mr. Reilly will be out Jan. 10-13.

  7. Official design should be Week 3, while others can build field elements, begin organizing parts and inventory.

  8. We build Weeks 4 and 5, while coding as well, and finishing field elements.

  9. We finalize build and stress out during Week 6!