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posted Mar 18, 2014, 5:43 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Mar 18, 2014, 5:45 PM ]
I can no longer be present for an information meeting on Wed., 3/19.  In lieu of that meeting, most question can probably be answered here.  If you do not have an answer, please email me at

For the rest of this week, robotics will end at 5pm.  We will not meet Friday, 3/21.  There is a possibility of going to a scrimmage on Saturday, 3/22, from about 10-2.  This will be announced via Remind101 (see the Communications page for those links).

Next Monday and Tuesday will be 5pm ending time as well.  Wednesday, 3/26, we will have a select group of students go with Mr. Reilly to drop off the robot at the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC).  We are limited to only a few team members by FIRST regulations.  Drop-off begins at 6pm, and teams can only load their equipment and leave.  Due to general traffic flow, we will probably leave with our crew at 6 from Lanier.  These students will be selected by Mr. Reilly.

Thursday, 3/27, we will bring an essential crew to the GWCC, as our past experience has shown that a large group is not necessary, and we should limit their missed school to one day.  This crew will be selected by Mr. Reilly and Mr. Wilson for their skills on this day to rebuild and program the robot.

Friday, 3/28, is a day where any and all team members are welcome.  We do not have the funds for a school bus (it would cost us approximately $1000 for this tournament), so we need students to find transportation to and from the GWCC.  Students need to contact Mr. Reilly via email regarding when and how they expect to arrive to the GWCC as well as plan for departure.  Send an email with the subject "My GWCC Plans", and include all times, parent contact name and phone, as well as any personal cell phone.  Students can receive a field trip form from Mr. Reilly starting Monday, 3/24.

Saturday is the same as Friday, except their is no permission slip for this event.  Students should include their Saturday plans in the previous email, or send a separate one to Mr. Reilly.  Students who do not share this information are not participating in these events as Lanier students, but as general public.  We can only help students who we have contact information for.

Finally, let me encourage anyone to come down Saturday, particularly the afternoon.  FIRST robotics playoffs are incredibly exciting, and they expect 65 teams and approximately 5,000 fans for this FREE event.  Look for Team 4509, the "Mechanical Bulls".

Once again, email with questions, and sign up for our Remind101 messages.