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Competition Details

posted Mar 26, 2014, 5:14 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Mar 26, 2014, 5:30 AM ]
Hello all!  Well, it's here, starting tomorrow!

Here are the details, but please email me at with any questions.  Also, in the event of an emergency, my cell is 770-286-3879

We will take a couple of students to the GWCC tonight to load the robot and other gear at the event.  Only 2 kids, we picked them, all good.  No big thrill, we can only stay inside to drop off, then leave.

Thursday is essential crew only.  Our goals for that day are to tune up the robot, get it inspected, fix programming issues, and practice.  There are no matches.
Students going on Thursday have been given permission slips to be signed by teachers and parents, and need to be turned in Wednesday.

Friday more students can attend, but rides are needed.  We are too small a team to get a bus (it would be over $1000 for this event), so students who have participated on the team can get permission slips signed and returned as well.  Those slips have been distributed.  If a student does not submit a permission slip, they are not on an official school trip.

Saturday the event is a public event.  Rides are the same as Friday, pretty much try and carpool.  

Food:  kids like to eat.  There will be pizza, ChickFilA, and other things for sale, but you know how prices can get.  It's a long day, I suggest packing snacks, and maybe bringing some food money.

The location opens at 8am each day.  Events begin at about 9am each day.  Admission is FREE!!  We will most likely be there until 6 or 7 each day.  ALL students who are part of the team need to be sure to assist in packing up at the end of Saturday's events.

For those limited on time, the key time are playoffs

If you cannot attend, click on the STREAM link, and you can watch us on the web starting Friday!

There are 65 teams from 5 States, and we lost the Finals last year in the last few seconds, so we're going for it!    Wish us luck!