Mentors and sponsors are key to a successful robotics team.   We have brilliant students who are looking for an outlet and intellectual challenge, and FIRST offers it.  Engineering and scientific companies are always looking for good ways to get involved with their community, as well as finding future talent.  A FIRST team can really be a win-win for our students and local companies.

If you would like to become a sponsor of our team, or have questions about doing so, please email Mike Reilly at mreilly@lanierhs.org  

Thanks to our sponsors, see them listed below.

State Farm IT
Not your local agent, but the IT division, building cool new buildings in Dunwoody!  Thanks to State Farm IT for their support in so many things here at Lanier High!

Now in their third year of sponsorship, Nordson is an excellent example of a local company those most students don't think of regarding engineering, but they need people right here in Gwinnett!

AZZ Energy is the leading provider of specialized products and services designed to support industrial, nuclear and electrical applications.  Their Norcross facility makes robots that work inside nuclear power plants!  How cool is that!  AZZ has already brought in mentors to help set up our equipment, and will be teaching and mentoring throughout the season.

Gwinnett County Public Schools
Of course, our school system is a big supporter of FIRST robotics, helping many teams.  GCPS is an in-kind and financial sponsor of Team 4509, which is especially helpful in this year where we establish so many systems, tools and infrastructure and more.  We hope to bring the "Rookie of the Year" trophy home!